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How seeing an Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help NDIS patients.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists support people living with disability to develop and maintain their capacity so that you can participate in work & everyday tasks and in turn improving your independence and quality of life. Exercise Physiologist will work with your support case worker and other allied health professionals to ensure you are getting the optimal health solution.

Here are a few reasons why you should start Exercise Physiology sessions at Urban Physiotherapy.

1-Improve Quality of Life and independence

Studies have shown that conducting exercise is beneficial for preventing and treating numerous conditions. In many neurological conditions, exercise has also shown to slow down disease progression while maintaining or developing motor and cognitive function. Together we can continue to develop/maintain gait patterns (walking), movement of all limbs and overall strength needed to conduct everyday activities such as toileting, getting up and down from a chair and walking. Physical activity can also help reduce the risk of dementia and improving lung function.

2- Improve Mental Health and Mood

Studies have also shown that exercise can improve mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Any amount of high intensity exercise can help give the body a boost of endorphins which in effect will improve your mood. The great thing about exercise is that it can have positive effects on improving our self-esteem, confidence and anxiety. Physical activity is another great way of being social, being able to exercise with friends or family will not only improve adherence to exercise but it can also make it fun and enjoyable. Exercise physiologist will always ensure you have a safe space to be able to speak to your clinician in a safe and comfortable environment.

3-Understanding Your Conditions and Your Needs

Exercise physiologists are specialised with the clinical knowledge on your condition and how your condition effects your activities of daily living. We are also specalised in the exercise prescription needed to help clients with neurological, physical and chronic conditions to help improve function, health and overall wellbeing. We will create an individualized program considering your condition, capacity and needs in order to reach your health goals.

If you are an NDIS client and wanting to conduct Exercise Physiology please call Urban Physiotherapy on (02) 9423 0511 or book an Exercise Physiology initial online at

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