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Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is the most referred condition to physiotherapists across the world. Since the back is one of the hardest working body groups it is common to find your back irritated or in some form of pain. The good news is that with physiotherapy back pain can resolve quickly.

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Facet Irritation and Muscle Spasms

Facet joints are the articulating surfaces between the vertebrae's in the spine. These joints car overstretch, or becoming impinged with the various structures within the spine causing sharp pain with standing straight and worse with bending backwards. Lumbar muscle spasms occur due to the bodies protective mechanism to prevent further injury. Severe facet irritations can also present with radiating pain down the legs.

Disc Injuries

A disc bulge can present with radiating pain down the legs sometimes into the foot (sciatica). The severity of the symptoms is correlated to the size and position of the disc bulge. The good news is with exercise, strengthening and physiotherapy a good prognosis is known for a pain free active lifestyle.

Postural Pain

A poor ergonomic setup of your desk, working on a laptop or using an unsupportive mattress at night can contribute to a sore back. Generally poor posture is a combination of a few factor including muscle weakness/ imbalance between muscle groups, muscle tightness, joint stiffness and/or an un-ergonomic setup. A trained physiotherapist can help you determine the cause of your back pain.

Degenerative Changes

Chronic back pain and stiffness can be signs of degenerative changes occurring to the disc. This can be more evident with carrying heavy objects and standing for long periods.

Common Back Pain Injuries
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