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At Urban Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Clinic we are sporting specialists!

We understand the demands of sports and can offer a tailored rehabilitation program that suits your specific needs and timeline. Not all injuries are the same, and some take longer than others. With our several years of experience with elite athletes and soccer teams you'll be back to sport in no time!

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Prompt Treatment Benefits include:
  • Relieving your pain quicker via joint mobility techniques, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy etc

  • Improving your scar tissue quality using techniques to guide the direction it forms

  • Getting you back to sport or work quicker through faster healing rates

  • Loosening or strengthening of your injured region with individually prescribed exercises and techniques

  • Improving your performance when you do return to sport, work or simply daily life

  • Correct any biomechanical faults that may be affecting your movement, technique or predisposing you to injury

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What if You do Nothing?

Research tells us that injuries left untreated do take longer to heal and have lingering pain.


They are also more likely to recur and leave you with:

  • abnormal scar tissue formation

  • joint stiffness

  • muscle weakness

It’s important to remember that symptoms lasting longer than three months become habitual and are much harder to solve.  The sooner you get on top of your symptoms the better your outcome.

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