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A Healthy Brain Is Crucial to A Healthy Body

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As we know exercise has always proved to be an important and main way to improve our overall health and mental wellbeing as we age. There is extensive research that shows the benefits that exercise has on preventing and recovering from a number of chronic conditions. But did you know that there is also plenty of research into the benefits of exercise for a healthy brain?

Whether you have had a Traumatic/Acquired Brain injury, stroke , dementia or you just want to maintain and improve your brain health- consistent and regular exercise physically changes the structure of the brain to better our memory and thinking. The reason us that exercise has the ability to decrease inflammation, improve the health of brain and blood vessels in the brain.

What exercises are the most effective?

Type of Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

With the benefit of improving heart health and endurance, aerobic exercise has been shown to preserve existing cells and even promote new brain cell growth. Exercise has also shown in assisting with the improvements of neuroplasticity which is creating new neural pathways in the brain. The recommendation is to participate in 30 mins of aerobic (walking, dancing, swimming or cycling) most days of the week. You want to ensure that you can keep a consistent intensity- an easy way to ensure you are working hard is that you should be able to talk but too puffed out to sing.

Resistance Exercise

Resistance or weight training has also been shown to not only health build muscle, make us stronger and improve bone density, but it can also boost brain power, improve concentration and increase decisiveness. Resistance training is most effective when completed 2-3 times a week. Other Training

You can complete other forms of fun activities or training some examples could be Tai Chi or if you like playing on your phone there are even apps that assist with brain health and reaction response.

Contact our Accredited Exercise Physiologist to see what type or combination of exercises are right for you. You can book online at

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