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Getting A New Knee? Here is Our Recommendations.

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Activity Recommendations following Total Knee Replacement

Undergoing physiotherapy following a total knee replacement (TKR) is important to help in patient recovery. It is important to regain full range of motion, strength of the knee and balance follow a TKR.

Your physiotherapist will show you exercises to help achieve these goals, but what are some of the best activities to do after a TKR?


Pedaling is a great exercise to do following a TKR. It is noted that pedaling can help improve the range of motion of the knee and strengthen the leg muscles.

Weight training

Studies have noted that muscles weakness is an issue after a TKR. It is important to strengthen the quadriceps muscle because they are used for activities such as walking and stair climbing.

Some of the exercises that can target the quadriceps muscle are step ups, inner range quad exercise, and squats.


Balance activities following a TKR are important because the link between the brain and the muscles must be re-established following the surgery.

Balance exercises can include single leg stands, tandem stance, and heel-toe walking. To make these exercises more challenging, one can change the surface they are standing (eg. Bosu ball, foam pad) or add more components to the exercise itself (eg. catching and throwing a ball when performing a single leg stand).

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