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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is generally used for tendinopathies and bursitis. The sound waves stop the naturally occurring pain-generating chemicals from flooding the tendon. It replaces these chemicals with naturally occurring chemicals which reduce pain and promote healing.


The overwhelming evidence for treating injured tendons in the lower limb is strengthening it with specific rehabilitation exercises. When the tendon is too painful for strengthening, shockwave becomes extremely valuable to the patient and therapist as it reduces pain in the tendon to make the exercises possible.

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The sound waves cause tiny vibrations in the tissue, which help to break up the inflammatory cells and promote healing.

The Skills of a Podiatrist

Shockwave therapy causes high energy stimulations to be applied. During a session 2000 – 3000 pulses are delivered to the targeted area for between 1-5 minutes. The waves produced help reduce pain and inflammation by inhibiting the body’s chemicals whilst simultaneously promoting chemicals that assist in the healing processes. At Urban Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic, it is used as part of a holistic treatment plan.

How does Shockwave Therapy work?
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Double-blind, randomized, controlled studies, indicate up to 91% improvement with 84% success rate for numerous conditions. Shockwave therapy is a proven effective treatment supported by medical literature.

Does Shockwave therapy have side effects?
Does Shockwave therapy have side effects?

As it changes the interaction of naturally occurring chemicals there are no expected side effects with Shockwave Therapy, making it an excellent adjunct to tendon rehabilitation.

What can I expect in a Shock Wave treatment session?

Ultrasound gel is applied to the skin overlaying the injured tendon. The settings are then entered into the machine. The practitioner then starts the hammering device within the handset they hold. It is then brought into contact with the skin and moved around in small circles for 3-5 minutes.

Does Shockwave therapy really work?

There is overwhelming evidence behind the effectiveness of reducing pain in tendons using large studies. It is currently used and recommended within the public health system of the United Kingdom, Australia and America. Shockwave therapy is currently used in elite sport in soccer clubs like Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester City, PSG, and Chelsea. It has also been used in all Olympic games from 2004, FIFA World cups since 2002, and ATP tours.

How many treatments do I need to improve my condition?

The number of treatments needed would depend on the severity of the injury and the pain and degeneration in the tendon. The treatment would also be complemented with an appropriate strengthening exercise plan.

Is shockwave therapy painful?

When receiving shockwave therapy, you will feel a repetitive and fast hammer feeling on your tendon but it is either non or minimally painful. The hammer action of the applicator creates a soundwave which travels through the tendon. It’s the soundwave that is treating the tendon not the hammer so there is minimal pain, just a strange sensation.

Shockwave Therapy does not cost any extra when you are treated at Urban Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic. It is within the charge of the normal cost of a consultation when your physiotherapist deems it appropriate.

How much does it cost for shockwave therapy?
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