VO2 MAX Testing

What is VO2 Max Testing?

By definition, VO2 max is the maximal rate of oxygen consumption during the most intense exercise possible. In essence, it is how efficient your body is at using oxygen during exercise. This knowledge can be used to further tailor your training program.

What is the benefit of knowing my VO2 Max?

Oxygen is the key ingredient in producing energy allowing you to run faster and longer. Without adequate utilisation of the oxygen we breathe in, the athlete is left without enough energy to power the muscles resulting in reduced performance and endurance.

Your training program may not be challenging you in the correct way to improve your VO2max. Our Metabolic Efficiency Testinggives an exact measurement of your oxygen consumption while you exercise, and we do not need to rely on the inaccurate equations or wearable tech that often gives misleading results.

With an exact VO2max measure and a discussion of your goals and training plan, we will advise you of how best to incorporate changes to your training program to maximise VO2max gains. Work smarter not harder, it’s far less time consuming than you would think!

Who is VO2 Max testing for?


You might think that VO2 Max testing is for athletes, pro cyclists or marathon runners. The truth is that anyone can benefit from knowing their VO2 Max. This allows you to train at a set level to improve your aerobic fitness. 

What is involved in a VO2 Max test?


The process starts off with a briefing and explanation of the test and what we aim to achieve during the test. Once you are changed into suitable clothing a warm up workout begins. Following this the analytical test begins with the fitting of our Heart rate monitor and the specialised VO2 Mask. The test generally runs between 7 and 15 minutes. The intensity is scaled up until your Sub-Max or Maximal Heart rate is reached. Once the data has been obtained, a cool down workout is commenced. After this the results are interpreted and a specific training program is provided. 

How to prepare for your VO2 Max test?


You are required too fast for 4 hours prior to the test. Abstain from caffeine for 6 hours leading to the test and rest from any exercise or activity for 12-24hrs prior to the test. 

We recommend you avoid drinking cold water prior to the test and only room temperature water/