Custom Bike Fits 

What is a bike fit

A bike fit is to ensure that your bike is a tailored fit to you, rather than you adapting to your bike. It is the process of correctly altering the various components of the bike to optimise comfort, efficiency, power and to prevent any overuse injuries. 

How can Physiotherapy help with setting up your bike?

Most people come for a bike fit once they've experienced pain whilst cycling. A physiotherapist is an engineer of the human body. Using our thorough understanding of biomechanics and physiology, the physiotherapist will determine what structure/s is causing the pain and make a determination on the best way to reduce the increased load on this structure. A plan will be created with you to determine what your cycling goals are and how to best reach them.

Who benefits from a bike fit?


Just like a pair of well fitting shoes, everyone deserves a well fitting bike! So if you haven't had a professional bike fit, you could be missing out on some additional power or efficiency. Generally, bike fits are highly recommended with the purchase of a new bike, if you feel uncomfortable with your bike, or if your bike has recently been taken apart. 

What is involved with a bike fit?


A bike fit begins with a conversation with one of our highly trained physiotherapists about your cycling goals and the style of cycling you anticipate. One this is established, a better understanding of your body's current and past history is taken. This includes any pervious injuries and your current flexibility, range of motion and muscle imbalances. 

Following this your bike will be set up on our bike roller and a video will be taken of you cycling in a variety of angles. Capturing the various joint positions and ranges of motion.